What Is The Correct Procedure For Makeup And Skin Care?


1.cleaning is the focus. After a night of repairing the skin, it is in the best condition, so you don't need too much care. Just clean up the excess oil that is secreted this night.
2.get up in the morning, the eyes will inevitably edema. At this time, the eye products can not solve the problem of edema of the eyes, you need to do some eye massage. Because massage can promote lymph circulation and drain excess water.3.do not forget whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, whether it is sunny days or rainy days, whether you are sitting in the office or often running outside, sun protection is essential. Because the UV damage to the skin is not only very large, but it can pass through any transparent thing and its power is not reduced. So, no matter what, you have to rub the sunscreen.

at night

1. Pay attention to makeup removal.
2.The day cream is separated by night cream. At night, it is the resting stage of physiological function self-discipline. At this time, the most needed is to nourish the skin, accelerate the metabolism of the cells, repair the damage caused by the skin during the day, supplement the nutrition, and make the skin more elastic and more delicate. Night cream has a higher active ingredient and a moisturizing texture.

When it comes to skin care, it is necessary to develop a skin care method that suits you according to the difference between day and night. Skin care requires “the right medicine” to develop your own skin care steps according to your skin characteristics, so that your skin can be nourished and repaired.